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Skin Allergy and Eczema Treatment

Skin allergies affect millions all over the world due to the frequent contact with fabrics and things that might generate and instant and often unpleasant reaction in our organism. The symptoms might differ according to the type of allergy we are faced with. Moreover disorders that affect the skin might also occur in a certain age or period of the year when our skin is exposed to the critical and triggering factors. Those who have a sensitive skin might find it useful to skim through all the allergy treatments and symptoms that might indicate the formation of an allergy.

Nickel Allergy

Jewelry besides offering us overwhelming pleasure can also grant us with the unfortunate experience of nickel allergy. This is one of the most common types of skin allergies occurring as a response to our skin to the contact with earrings, bracelets and other accessories. Itching and redness are onl...

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Skin Allergies

Types of Skin Allergies

Depending on the nature of the reaction as well as its severity we can distinguish different types of skin allergies. Itching and rashes are some of the common signs shared by all these skin disorders. These are some of the most well-known allergies that affect the skin:

- Contact Dermatitis: As the name suggests this type of allergy occurs due to the contact with a plant, fabric or substance. These launch an allergic reaction in the body and leave as signs rashes and redness.

In order to prevent its occurrence it is important to test chemicals like hair dye, cleansing lotions as well as medication. One of the most visible symptoms is that the inflammation appears in the area where the critical piece touched the skin.

- Eczema: This skin allergy often affects children, however it can also appear later in adulthood too, due to the contact of the skin with a certain texture. The symptoms are itchy rashes occurring on the feet, hands and neck. These are the focal points that reveal that we are dealing with eczema. The treatment is done either with medication or with healing lotions and creams that would ameliorate the rashes.

- Hives(Urticaria): A similar skin allergy can occur regardless of age and skin type. The redness and the tiny bumps will signal the formation of an allergic reaction. In this case the inflammation won't be joined by itchiness instead swelling might make it more uncomfortable. More severe symptoms might also be the swelling of hands, eyes, lips and also feet.

In order to prevent the appearance of these skin allergies it is highly advisable to learn more about the triggering factors that can be considered culprits in this situation. Moreover it is also essential to be aware of the several types of allergy treatments that can offer remedy for the unpleasant side-effects and consequences of a similar allergic reaction.

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  • Nickel Allergy

    Nickel Allergy
    Jewelry besides offering us overwhelming pleasure can also grant us with the unfortunate experience of nickel allergy. This is one...

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