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Where to buy potato chip cutter

Operation adjustment of buy potato chip cutter:
The machine knife consists of a fixed slicer and a replaceable wire cutter. When the slicing knife works alone, it can be cut into pieces, and when the cutting is processed, the cutting knife set can be processed into a wire or a strip. When slicing, loosen the wing nut on the side of the eccentric handle, and pull the handle inward to make the slice thin. Otherwise, the piece becomes thicker. Before replacing the knife set, loosen the wing nut and pull the handle to the most. After pushing the knife set to be replaced, tighten the upper knob and then pull the handle outward until the lower end of the movable clamp is tightly attached to the group, then tighten the wing nut. (Note: every time you change the knife
When you are in the film, you should operate in this order)
Maintenance and precautions of buy potato chip cutter:
1. Before use, the direction of rotation should be consi

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