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What toner can I use for sensitive skin?

I am looking for a toner, but my biggest problem is that I have sensitive skin. The last time I bought a skin toner I woke up with an unpleasant allergy.

angel_wings / 06 Jul 2010 / 2 replies / Posted in Beauty and Health

  • julie04
    06 Jul 2010

    Try finding a toner that has less than 10% alcohol because higher percentage might make your skin dry. You might also be allergic to fragrance so try a fragrance free version.
    I use a rosewater facial toner and it works really well for me.

  • pixie
    06 Jul 2010

    Try to purchase an alcohol free toner or one that is destined for sensitive skin. Avoid skin care products that contain alcohol or fragrance as you will irritate your skin

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