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What season is the egg production for Egg cages?

Do the farmers know that the chickens in the year have the highest egg production? As we all know, the egg production of laying hens affects the realization of the production efficiency of laying hens, which is related to the economic benefits of laying hens. Therefore, every time the laying hens of the laying hens, the farmers will make considerable gains. Learn about the season when the chicken has the highest egg production and the time of the egg laying peak.
1. At what time of the year, the chicken has the highest egg production?
The laying season of laying hens is generally high in spring, which means that laying hens produce the most eggs in spring, because spring temperatures are suitable, and secondly, spring sunshine is gradually lengthened. The suitable temperature of laying hens is affected by many factors. It is generally believed that the suitable temperature for laying hens is 20-25 °C, and between 17-27 °C, it has little effect on the production capacity of chickens, and the feed conversion rate is lower than 16 °C. Decrease, the egg shape becomes smaller than 24 °C (as shown). When the temperature is lower than 10 ° C or higher than 30 ° C, the egg production rate

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