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What kinds and styles are there in the battery cages for sale

The chicken cage has a deep chicken cage and a shallow chicken cage. The cage of the deep chicken cage is 45cm deep, and the cage of the shallow chicken cage is about 35cm deep. According to the combination method of the cage, it can be divided into three types of full-step, half-step and stacked chicken cages.
(2) Half-step chicken cage. The semi-stepped chicken cage is similar to the whole ladder, but there is partial benefit between the upper base chicken cages. The stacking part of the chicken cage is equipped with a septic plate, which can be installed according to the necessary viewpoint, and the manure can clear the manure. Because the feeding density is 1/4 higher than that of the full-step chicken cage, the requirements for ventilation, cooling, and disinfection are high.
(1) Full-step chicken cage. The full-step cage generally has 3-4 layers. The upper base cage is completely staggered. The chicken manure falls directly into the manure, which is good for cleaning the manure; the ventilation is excellent and the illumination is sufficient. The disadvantage is that the stocking density is low and the floor space is relatively large. At present, the most used ones in China a

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