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The effect of chicken cage on temperature regulation of chicken house

Insulation and cold protection means closing doors and windows and vents during the cold season, controlling airflow speed, and using sun lighting or artificial heating to keep the house suitable for temperature. Ventilation and heat preservation is a contradiction. It should be pointed out here that some farmers emphasize the insulation together on one side, ignoring the ventilation and ventilation, causing air pollution inside the house, affecting the production performance and the anti-epidemic ability of the flock. In the cold season, the farm can open some vents or use a fan with low wind speed to ventilate when the outside climate is high.
      Cooling down, there are many cooling methods used in chicken farms, such as enhanced ventilation, insulated building materials, white roofing to reduce heat absorption, and chicken spray, but the ideal cooling method should be vertical negative pressure ventilation wet curtain cooling technology. . This technique is generally used in a closed house, and the double-layered roller blind is lowered during use to make the house a closed type. Egg cage manufacturers recommend installing a wet curtain, water circulation cooling control syst

daswell / 12 Dec 2018 / 0 replies / Posted in Beauty and Health

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