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The chicken house needs ventilation

The ventilation of the chicken house can play the role of updating the air, adjusting the temperature, dehumidifying and dusting. Harmful gases in chicken houses are also the main environmental factors causing frequent disease and immune failure. Therefore, ventilation and ventilation are the key links in the small environment control of chicken houses. Ventilation can be divided into natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and mixed ventilation.
1. Natural ventilation Generally open chicken houses are naturally ventilated. When using natural ventilation, the span of the house should be small and not large, 6-7m is suitable, and the maximum is 8m. The windows of naturally ventilated chicken houses should be arranged as much as possible with a smaller spacing. An air intake hole may be added above the ground, and a vent hole may be provided on the roof. The chicken shed with a small span may be provided with one row, and the vent hole is preferably provided with a flap, which can be opened and closed, so that the two side walls of the chicken house are relatively open. The window and the lower venting hole form two upper and lower ventilation belts, forming a wind and sweeping w

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