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The benefits of caged hens

The caged laying hens are kept by the egg hen cage equipment. The egg hen cage equipment is a kind of feeding method that allows the chickens to leave the ground, is highly densely bred, and has a three-dimensional structure. It has many advantages compared with the general flat feeding.
(1) Provinces and provinces: Since the chickens have been used as an example, only 5 rabbits can be raised per square house, while 15-25 rabbits can be raised in cages. Chickens can be raised 3-5 times more than the flats. . In the case of land occupation from poultry houses, flat-range free-range is 6-10 times larger than the cage area. Because of the need to raise the sports field, it is twice as large as the chicken house.
(2) Saving materials and saving grass: The activity of caged laying hens is small, the density is high in winter, the temperature in the house is high, and the chicken body is used to maintain less energy. Generally, the chickens are eaten less than one day. There is no need to lay a mat in the house.
(3) Labor saving and labor saving: When raising the feed, the chickens are called back, it is very difficult to feed, and the cage can feed, add water, pick eggs, investigate chi

daswell / 26 Dec 2018 / 0 replies / Posted in Beauty and Health

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