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Raise 10,000 chicken laying hens construction plan

Raise 10,000 chicken laying hens construction plan Raise 10,000 chicken laying hens construction plan

Site selection and layout of broiler cage
The standardized construction mode of 1-2 million single-scale chicken farms has become the main body of laying hens in China. The site selection and layout of the farm should be in accordance with the "Measures for the Examination of Animal Epidemic Conditions". At the same time, the transportation is convenient. The special road with hardened pavement is directly connected to the site; the terrain is high, the wind is sheltered from the sun, the drainage is convenient; the water source is stable, and the water quality meets the national drinking water standard. . The layout should be considered from the perspective of facilitating epidemic prevention and organizational production. The site can be divided into production area, office area, living area, auxiliary production area, sewage and manure treatment area, etc., and the layout is based on the principle of dominant wind direction, terrain height and water flow direction. If the terrain is inconsistent with the wind direction, the dominant wind direction is dominant; the chicken house is oriented about 15 degrees east-west or south ea

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