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low pressure automatic poultry watering system for sale

Specify the lighting management program according to the needs of the chicken: Poultry manure scraper system
Long-term illumination can be maintained for a week before the brooding period or a few days after the brooding period. So that the chicken is familiar with the environment, drink water and eat in time, then the light time is gradually reduced to the lowest level; the daily light time should be kept constant or gradually reduced during the breeding period, do not increase, so as not to cause light stimulation to make the chicken precocious; The time is gradually increased to a certain number of hours and then kept constant, and should not be reduced. Egg belt sewing machine
Precautions: low pressure automatic poultry watering system, Automatic egg collector diy
Different lighting management procedures should be developed according to different feeding methods, and should not be abandoned halfway. The brooding is il

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