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Is it OK for a guy to get is eyebrows plucked?

I have really thick eyebrows and I was thinking of getting them plucked but I'm not really sure if it's OK for a guy to do that without looking gay!

joshster / 06 Jul 2010 / 4 replies / Posted in Beauty and Health

  • amywinehouse
    06 Jul 2010

    yes. it's gay. don't do it unless you look like this

  • maya_alex
    06 Jul 2010

    The idea that a boy who plucks his eyebrows is gay is already a stereotype. Taking care of your looks is not a bad thing to do. Now, everything stands in the shape of your eyebrows.

  • pixie
    06 Jul 2010

    IF they are too bushy definitely get them plucked but try to keep them thicker as boys with thin eyebrows are definitely not cool!

  • alicia
    06 Jul 2010

    don't worry....you won't look gay

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