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I struggle with hair loss, are there any natural remedies?

My hair started to fall radically, I seem to be totally healthy, is there something wrong with me? Do you have some remedies for my problem?

chloespell / 15 Jan 2010 / 3 replies / Posted in Beauty and Health

  • angel_wings
    06 Jul 2010

    Hair loss might be caused by a diet poor in vitamins and minerals, by stress or the frequent usage of styling products. If you are dealing with a severe hair loss than you might see a specialist in order to discover the cause. Once you've done this, there are various treatments that might help you. I know from my own experience that hair straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons used excessively can be real dangerous and can cause hair loss.

  • mimi
    06 Jul 2010

    Hair loss is really difficult to deal with. My recommendation is to turn to a dermatologist to see what causes your hair loss. This way you will be able to tackle the problem at the root.
    Mainly hair loss is caused by vitamins deficit so turn to vitamin supplements such as vitamin B complex, zinc..

  • julie
    15 Jan 2010

    I've had the same problem so I know what hair loss can do...
    Try to watch what you eat, eat as healthy as you can. A zinc deficit can also cause hair loss so make sure you are getting your recommended daily intake of zinc.
    Here is an interesting article about diet and hair loss I found that might help!!!!

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