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Personal Luxery Car
Personal luxury cars are characteristically two-door coup?s or convertibles with two-passenger or 2+2 seating. They are distinguished on the performance end from GT and sports cars by their greater emphasis on comfort and convenience; on the luxury end [url=http://www.seahawksrookiestore.com/Seahawks-Byron-Maxwell-Jersey/]Byron Maxwell Seahawks Jersey[/url] , by appointments, features, and style over actual vehicle performance. With great variability within the market, however, this is not absolute but a general trend.
The vast majority of personal luxury cars are mass produced rather than coach built, and typically share many mechanical components with high volume sedans to reduce production costs. However, they have additional styling elements and sometimes “baroque” designs. They are typically equipped with as many additional features as possible, including special trim packages, power accessories (e.g., windows, locks, seats, antenna), leather upholstery, heated seats, etc.
The antecedents of the modern personal luxury car are the highly expensive, often custom-bodied sporting luxury cars of the 1920s and 1930s. Typically made by

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