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How to you know if a boy is really interested or he just loves to flirt and seduce?

Do you know when a boy is really interested in you or he just loves to flirt and seduce? Are there any specific signs that show if he wants a relationship?

maya_alex / 06 Jul 2010 / 3 replies / Posted in Beauty and Health

  • angel_wings
    06 Jul 2010

    Only in time you can get to see the real face of a person. Sometimes you spend a lot of time with someone and you think you know him and that he really likes you, but he suddenly disappears. You still need to pay attention to his attitude towards his ex-girlfriends and his opinions on relationships in general.

  • joshster
    06 Jul 2010

    You can tell by the way he is trying to seduce you. Words are only words at the end of it! Check for body language instead

  • latin_chic
    06 Jul 2010

    I don't think you can really tell until you get to know him a bit and see his behavior

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