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How to use automatic egg collecting machine

The quail egg machine is a modernized automatic equipment. The active quail egg machine can replace the way of artificial quail eggs, and then effectively improve the efficiency of the operation, and reduce the burden on the farmers. In addition, the initiative The quail egg machine has a smaller footprint and higher utilization rate, so it can be said that the active quail egg machine makes the quail egg very simple.
The automatic quail egg machine system comprises an introduction device, an egg picking device, a derivation device, a buffer device, a transport device, a chain gear, and a lifting chain, wherein the egg picking device is connected in parallel by the plurality of claw groups on the lifting chain. Each of the group of claws is connected in series by a plurality of claws through a coupling shaft, and the two ends of each of the group of claws are respectively connected to the side gears for preventing the eggs from slipping out through the joint shaft, and the side blocks are buckled by the side buckles. Fixed to the lift chain. The large active egg collecting system comprises a plurality of the active egg collecting device and the conveying device, wherein the conveyi

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