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How many calories can a person eat to maintain the same weight?

I'm trying to watch my weight and stop my weight fluctuation problems but I don't know exactly how many calories I have and how to keep track of them.

julie / 15 Jan 2010 / 4 replies / Posted in Beauty and Health

  • chloespell
    15 Jan 2010

    Calorie counting is pretty cool, I also tried it though I've lost ambition after a few months. But I would definitely try it again...however if you find a pretty cool diet, you won't have to struggle with counting and stuff like that. Look through the various diets and pick the one that offers you enough information on carbohydrates and fibers and other nutritive issues.

  • miranda
    15 Jan 2010

    yeah, i agree i also looked through some articles and Keesha has right about 2000 calories per day you should have to eat or drink in order to be able to survive the day:) I'm also a diet fan and try out all the new diets, this one is about negative diets and it's pretty interesting....


  • Keesha
    15 Jan 2010

    Well I guess it does depend on your age and activity. About 2000 calories or less should be what you need. I found this article about calory counting..maybe it will help you more :)


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