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drum type seasoning flavoring machine for potato chips snacks

drum type seasoning flavoring machine for potato chips snacks The drum potato chips season machine is also called “drum type food seasoning machine”. It is mainly used for the seasoning powder mixing of food or the wrapping and blending of raw materials. The barrel is made of stainless steel and the octagonal design avoids the ball mixture. If the disadvantages of the mixture are not turned, the food to be processed and the desired seasoning can be fully stirred and fully mixed in a short time, and the mixed food is automatically tilted out of the barrel.
The octagonal seasoning machine is automatically stirred, the mixture is even, the operation is convenient, the output is high, the rotation speed and the inclination of the drum can be adjusted, and the powder amount can also be controlled. It is an essential equipment for food seasoning and mixing.

★ Equipment operation precautions
Check whether the fastening part is loose before starting the machine, whether the power cord is damaged, and whether there is any foreign matter in the barrel;
Put the machine into a stable state and start it. After the machine runs safely for one minute, stop the input of raw materials and seasoning;
After working for a period of time, when the required mater

daswell / 21 Sep 2018 / 0 replies / Posted in Beauty and Health

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