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Do a good job in the prevention of chicken house

While strengthening the control of various environmental factors, the supplement of feed, drinking water and vitamins should be strengthened. Ensure the timely supplement of various nutrients in chickens and poultry, and promote the healthy growth of chickens and poultry. Show cages for chickens
Do not buy feed from infected areas, and do not use moldy and degraded feed. Contaminated feed and drinking water are the cause of many diseases, so the chicken farm must pay great attention to the hygiene of feed and drinking water. The chicken cage equipment such as the feeding machine is regularly disinfected. In the breeding aspect, the nutrients needed for the growth, development and laying of the chickens must be satisfied.
The different breeds, growth stages and seasons of the chickens have Different requirements should be adjusted according to the situation. Trace element selenium and vitamin E play an important role in the immunity of chickens, so care should be taken to ensure supply. When the chicken undergoes a lar

daswell / 22 Nov 2018 / 0 replies / Posted in Beauty and Health

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