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Chicken cages has various types from Enorde Machinery

Artificial ventilation and light are used in the house to control the temperature, humidity and air composition of the house by changing the amount of ventilation.
(1) Foundation and ground: The foundation should be deep and strong. The ground requirements are higher than the outside, moisture-proof, flat, easy to clean and disinfect.
(2) Wall: good thermal insulation performance, can protect against external wind and rain. Use brick or stone to build bricks. The outside of the wall is covered with cement. The inner surface of the wall is covered with cement or white ash to prevent moisture and facilitate flushing.
(3) Roof: In addition to the single-sloping roof of the chicken house with a small span, the double-slope type is generally used.
(4) Doors and windows: The door is generally located on the south side of the south facing chicken house. The size of the door is generally 2 meters high and 1 meter wide; the two doors are 2 meters high and 1.6 meters wide.
The windows of the open house should be located on the front and rear walls, and the front window should be wide and lower from the ground to facilitate daylighting. The ratio of window to floor area is 1:10 to 1:8. The re

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