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Automatic Continuous Snacks Conveyor Deep Fryer Machine

The Automatic Continuous Snacks Conveyor Deep Fryer Machine is controlled to maintain constant temperature in the oil layer during use. Automatic Continuous Snacks Conveyor Deep Fryer Machine can remove the animal oil from the fried product and supply the explosive water in an appropriate amount to make the fried product fine, soft, color, fragrant and taste good. The residue generated by the frying process is automatically submerged into the water and discharged through the drain valve, thereby eliminating the harmful substances generated by repeated frying in the pot of the traditional fryer residue, reducing the fuel consumption and ensuring that the frying oil is fresh, Acidified, no waste oil.
Using the density relationship between vegetable oil and animal oil, the animal oil produced during the frying process is automatically submerged into the water, and no waste oil is produced;

daswell / 08 Oct 2018 / 0 replies / Posted in Beauty and Health

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