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Construction is vital part of America’s growth and development Justin Houston Chiefs Jersey , though the industry has struggled recently due to the recession that started in 2008. Months into 2012, McGraw-Hill has published a forecast on the amount of business that construction companies can expect this year. Because of the ongoing struggles in the construction industry, the business is predicted to fluctuate throughout the year.

The most optimistic numbers from McGraw-Hill’s research indicate potential growth in single and multifamily housing, as well as commercial building. Single-family housing is expected to grow 10% in dollars and multifamily housing may rise up to18% in dollars and experience a 17% rise in units. Though single-family housing is still lower than before 2008, the beginning of the “Great Recession”, the forecasted growth in multifamily homes is a good sign of business to come. The decline in single-family homes can be directly attributed to houses being foreclosed and the related economic paral

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