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    Lentil Beans

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    • Parsnip and Lentil Pots Parsnip and Lentil Pots
      When it comes to vegetable dishes, one should definitely try the parsnip and lentil pots. This traditional British recipe is a great combination of vegetable layers, combined successfully with brown r...
    • Fabada Asturiana Fabada Asturiana
      With a long tradition in Spanish cuisine, Fabada Asturiana, or simply Fabada, is a bean stew, in the beginning popular in the community of Asturias, hence the name, and nowadays also available all thr...
    • Bean Sprout Salad Recipe Bean Sprout Salad Recipe
      When it comes to cooking beans, Chinese cuisine has its unique way of bringing up the whole potential and delicious taste. Being one of the longest-cultivated plants in the world, beans are included i...
    • Fasolada Soup Recipe Fasolada Soup Recipe
      The Greek cuisine has always a little something to impress when it comes to its traditional dishes. Best characterized by Mediterranean accents, the Greek cuisine is rich in olive oil, fruits, vegetab...
    • Tofu Tips and Tricks Tofu Tips and Tricks
      Tofu is probably one of best resources in a vegetarian diet, since it’s a great source of proteins. With a literary meaning of “bean”, tofu is actually made of soybeans. Soybeans are turned into...