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    Franck Provost India

    • Top Tourist Attractions in India Top Tourist Attractions in India
      India is one of the most fascinating spots on Earth that managed to mesmerize and overwhelm millions of guests as well as locals due to the memorable sights. The top tourists attractions in India inc...
    • Indian Wedding Traditions Indian Wedding Traditions
      Indian wedding traditions are some of the most spectacular ones that mesmerized the whole world. There are few countries that pay a similar tribute to the sanctuary of this human bond than India. Th...
    • Kedgeree Original Recipe Kedgeree Original Recipe
      Kedgeree is one Indian dish so loved in England that it became one of the most favorite dishes to serve at supper or at brunch all along the United Kingdom. So why not try the Kedgeree original recipe...
    • Body Piercing Body Piercing
      From ancient times body piercing or the sophisticated body jewelries represented the supreme form to both demonstrate courage as well as wealth. Some would follow the example of African tribes or Indi...
    • Benefits of Yoga Benefits of Yoga
      Nowadays people turn to ancient rituals in order to improve their physical and spiritual condition. The benefits of Yoga were demonstrated all throughout the centuries as the ancient practice used b...