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    Caramel Sauce

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    • Caramel Crepes Caramel Crepes
      The caramel crepes are the perfect sweet treats to start your day with. This heavenly and delicious breakfast recipe has its origins in the Mexican cuisine and it brings up the most exquisite flavors ...
    • Shredded Chicken with Oyster Sauce Shredded Chicken with Oyster Sauce
      The shredded chicken with oyster sauce is one of China’s most exquisite recipes when it comes to royally cooking a simple chicken. The intense aroma of the oyster will fully complement the chicken i...
    • Tortellini Pasticcio Tortellini Pasticcio
      Tortellini pasticcio is a popular dish, very common to Northern Italian cuisine, combining the aroma of white Tortellini with the tasteful Bolognese sauce. When cooking a similar dish,the Italian gour...
    • Salmon with Fennel Sauce Salmon with Fennel Sauce
      The salmon with fennel sauce is an incredible dish which combines, due to its main ingredients, two unmistakable flavors, in a perfect reunion. With salmon returning to Britain’s rivers, more and mo...
    • Spicy Szechwan Chicken Spicy Szechwan Chicken
      The spicy Szechwan chicken combines one of the most important and basic ingredients in the Chinese cuisine, in a spicy, yet delicious recipe which is to be served with rice. Besides the traditional wa...
    • Roasted Turkey Panini Recipe Roasted Turkey Panini Recipe
      The roasted turkey panini follows an international tradition of fine Italian cuisine, while rebranding a sandwich with delightful ingredients: cheese, cranberry sauce and turkey slices. This is a simp...