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    • Parsnip and Lentil Pots Parsnip and Lentil Pots
      When it comes to vegetable dishes, one should definitely try the parsnip and lentil pots. This traditional British recipe is a great combination of vegetable layers, combined successfully with brown r...
    • Pork Fillet in Wine and Coriander Pork Fillet in Wine and Coriander
      The pork fillet recipe in wine and coriander, is one traditional British meal, of an intense taste and with a refined texture of the meat which will impress even the harshest food critic. Discover the...
    • Dundee Cake Recipe Dundee Cake Recipe
      The Dundee cake takes its name from the town where was originally created, Dundee, Scotland’s fourth largest city and promoted as “The City of Discovery”, due to the town's long history of scien...
    • Apple Cider Pie Apple Cider Pie
      The British West Country is famous for its cider production, no wonder that cider is an ingredient used in so many recipes. Inspiring years and years of culinary traditions, the cider, a beverage made...
    • Croque Madam Sandwich Croque Madam Sandwich
      Croques are, if you didn’t know by now, the 19th century France's first fast food items, today’s correspondents being the British “ham and cheese sandwich” or the American “grilled cheese”...